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Home Inspection Myths

Myth: The inspection report is a seller’s repair list.
REALITY: The purpose of a home inspection is not to serve the seller with a repair list. The primary objective is to know what you are buying before you buy it. All homes have defects; it's not possible to acquire one that is perfect. What you want is a working knowledge of significant defects before you close escrow. The inspector’s role is not to identify a complete repair list for the home, nor is it the sellers obligation to repair any problems discovered by the home inspector. Sellers are not required to produce a flawless house. They have no such obligation by law or by contract; most repairs are subject to negotiation between the parties of a sale. Sellers make repairs as a matter of choice, not obligation; to foster good will or to facilitate consummation of the sale. Sellers maintain the legal right to refuse repair demands, except where requirements are set forth by state law, local ordinance, or the real estate purchase contract

Myth: A home for sale “As-Is” does not need an inspection.
REALITY: There are some misconceptions regarding the so-called “As-Is” sale of real estate. When a seller states they are selling the property “As-Is”, it does not relieve the seller of certain responsibilities under California state laws relating to the sale or transfer of ownership of real property. The seller is still required to disclose all known material facts to a buyer by completing a “Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement,” commonly referred to by the real estate industry as a “TDS.” A property being sold “As-Is” is really being sold “As-Is” as disclosed. A buyer should always obtain an independent professional property inspection to be fully informed as to the current condition of the property.

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