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Are your ducts leaking?

Your heating duct systems could be leaking by 40%

The cold days of winter make it tough to keep your home warm and comfortable, especially if your heating ducts are leaking.  Leaky duct systems are one of the biggest drains on your utility bill. The average California home’s duct systems leak by as much as 40%.  What can you do to stop the leaking and improve the energy efficiency of your heating system? 


Well, if you live in the Central Valley of California, you can have your ducts tested and in some cases sealed for little or no out of pocket cost.  Modesto Irrigation District (MID) is now offering up to $300.00 in rebates to have your ducts tested and sealed to less than 15% leakage.  This program is open to anyone who wants a more comfortable home in MID’s service area. 

The program is easy to participate in.  You simply call an approved MID contractor or HERS Rater (All-Star Home Inspection Services) to pressure test your duct system.   The testing takes only about 45 minutes. Once the initial test is complete you’ll know how much leakage you have in the duct system and can decide what you want to do with it.


If your system leaks by more than 15% and with some sealing can be reduced to less than 15%, MID will rebate up to $300.00 per system.  If your system already is with-in the MID target leakage, then you’ll know you have tight ducts.  If your system leakage can’t be sealed and reduced to less than 15%, you will be referred to a contractor that can repair it correctly. 


There are many rebates that MID offer rate payers.  Many require you to purchase expensive equipment to qualify for the rebate.  The duct leakage testing requires nothing to be purchased.  It is a great program with a limited time, so take advantage of this program TODAY, and start living in a warmer, more comfortable home.


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