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The Worst Home I've Inspected

Last week, I was asked about the worst house I had ever inspected. There have been many homes that I've been in since I started inspecting in August 2000, that I couldn't pick just one.  A few stand out more than all others; I've seen some really strange things.  It's funny how you can remember the worst homes you've been in better than the ones you were in just last week.

One of the most damaged homes that I was in lately is now in the process of being re-modeled. It is a 125+ year old Victorian that has a lot of historical value. It was one of the first homes built in San Joaquin county. I was asked to inspect the home for a construction loan and I met the owner at the site for a walk thru. When I first saw this house it had been completely torn up and was falling apart. The house had last been lived in by homeless people who had ripped out just about everything that could be stolen.  Walls were ripped out, all of the glass windows were broken, there were even holes in the floor. The grand front porch had fallen off from years of water damage. The shingle roof and septic tank were both leaking. 

The home currently is in the process of being re-modeled.  The owner plans on bringing this house back to all it's former glory.  He wants to upgrade a number of things on the house but still keep all the historic value too.  I can't wait to see it once it is finished.